Sweet Sugar Smackdown

Sweet Sugar Smackdown

Sweet Sugar Smackdown is an easy and free match-3 game ...
The amazing thing about it is that it pay out the prizes in cash!!

Everyone can play sweet sugar smackdown everyday and win money
So don´t hesitate, this is the best game ever and nothing beats a 
free game with cash prizes

Instructions on how to register in the video above

Sweet sugar smackdown is similar to candy crush and bejeweled 
but this game also include a tournament mode ...
and it is in the tournament you can win cash.

The prizemoney comes from the advertisers you see between the rounds,
and most of the money pays out on the 10th round.

The more people we are playing the more money they can pay out
so bring everyone 
all people deserve to win money for free!!

welcome to sweet sugar smackdown!

1. go to google play and download the game
2. open the app and click tournament 3. register and write - misslenali -  where they ask for your sponsors id
congrats now you are ready to play :)
good luck :) I really hope you w…